Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fifty Shades of Frustrated

Just breathe.

Easier said than done sometimes. My computer has been taken over by some stealthy and silent force which, like a backpack loaded with cinder blocks, has slowed it to the point of nearly stalling out.

I like to move fast. I like my computer to do likewise. Today's not the day for that.

After running all my virus software and detecting nada, I can only presume that it is my Internet connection, which I must admit can be as slow as the 91 Freeway at 8 am.

It is extra frustrating today as I am attempting to send some queries out, all of which require pasting text into the body of an email, or the attaching of a Word file. Simple stuff, that is until you try to send the block-laden beast into the nether regions of cyberspace and



Maybe I should just do something productive while the neurons in my computer's brain attempt to fire and make something happen. But alas, I am as impatient as they come and MUST sit and stare at the screen in anticipation of the forthcoming SENT! icon.

Maybe the writing gods are trying to tell me that today is not the day to query agents.

Maybe they''re holding me back because the agent who is patiently waiting to represent me is also having a bad computer day and my email will go into her/his black hole of lost emails.

Never fear, my future agent. Tomorrow is another day and we can both hope that the gremlins have moved on and are tormenting other querying writers and waiting agents.

Until then...

just breathe.

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